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Estate Planning Library

We offer access to a comprehensive estate planning library in order to help keep you informed on a wide variety of estate planning issues that could affect you or your estate.

“Estate Planning Library”

Here are of few examples of some of the informative articles that you can find in our library:

* Lifetime Gifting: Part of Your Multi-Generation Estate Planning       
Would you prefer to transfer more wealth to your family instead of the IRS? Our lead article summarizes the relevant lifetime gifting rules and considers two common do-it-yourself transfer methods.

* Five Common Estate Planning Mistakes
Proper estate planning is not just for the rich and famous. Surprisingly, however, that is a common misconception. Every adult American has an estate worth planning, regardless of their net worth. In this article we review some critical estate planning concerns.

* Estate Planning Challenges for Business Owners
The survival rate of family businesses from generation to generation is rather dismal. To help prevent your business from becoming an unfortunate statistic tomorrow, we review some common challenges for you to address today (before it is too late).

* Procrastination & Estate Planning
Why doesn’t everyone have their final affairs in order, especially in light of the likelihood of incapacity and the certainty of death? This article takes aim at the chief culprit: procrastination.

* Seasonal Solutions: The Stages of Life & Estate Planning
To everything there is a season. So it is with your Life & Estate Plan. This article uses a Seasons of Life theme to illustrate how your Life & Estate Plan may change with your personal and financial circumstances over your lifetime.

* Admirable Estate Administration
Have you appointed trusted family members, friends or professionals to serve as the fiduciaries of your estate plan upon your death? If so, our lead article is a must-read as we review some of the responsibilities (and liabilities) they will face.

* Estate Planning Challenges for Blended Families
Is your family a blended family? If so, then you face unique inheritance challenges, to include disinheriting your ex-spouse, providing for your new spouse and your own children, and protecting their inheritance.


* Unique Estate & Financial Challenges for Women
Women face unique Life and Estate Planning Issues, and yet too often their own needs are overlooked. They are too busy taking care of everyone else -- their families, their careers, parents, social causes.

* Elder Law Elements
Good news, bad news. The good news: Americans are living longer than ever. The bad news: we eventually wear out physically, mentally, or both. In this article we review two challenges: becoming incapacitated and going broke due to long-term care.

* Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples
Even though cohabitation is legal in the majority of states, unmarried cohabitants face unique estate planning challenges regarding incapacity, inheritance, and estate taxation. In this article we will review such challenges and some of the potential problems they can cause.

* Solo Solutions
Being single can mean considerable personal and economic freedom. Nevertheless, just like your married counterparts, proper Life & Estate Planning is necessary to keep you in control.

* Marital Matters
Most married couples, whether celebrating their six-month or their sixtieth anniversary, have the mistaken belief that they can make personal, health care and financial decisions for one another, without outside interference, should either spouse become disabled. Nothing could be further from the truth.