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Common Estate Planning Questions

What is the number one reason people do not adequately plan their estate?
It requires facing their own mortality.  Often, responsible, smart, able minded people often forego setting up any type of estate plan, which often leads to unnecessary pain and conflict for their loved ones.

Why should I try to avoid probate?
Probate is the court procedure for proving a Will, paying the estate’s bills, and distributing the estate.  The problem is that the probate process can be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating.  Furthermore, it is a public process, so the size and contents of your estate will be widely available information.

Most of my property will pass through a will, right?
Actually, in most estates property passes through a variety of methods:

Who will be making my decisions if something happens to me and I am incapacitated?
Without appropriate legal documents to manage your assets and dictate your medical wishes during incapacity, a court supervised conservatorship is probable, which can be expensive and time consuming.  To avoid such an event consider a Durable Power of Attorney and an Advanced Healthcare Directive.

I heard about putting my pet in my estate plan.  What should I consider?
You should think about creating a Pet Trust, and consider the following:

What powers are lost by a conservatee?
The power to: contract; sell, transfer, or convey property; make gifts; incur debts (except in limited circumstances); delegate a power (e.g., make a durable power of attorney); waive rights; serve as a fiduciary (e.g., act as a trustee or executor).

What powers are retained by a conservatee?
The power to: make a will; vote; give informed consent for medical treatment; marry, seek separate maintenance, divorce, or annulment; contract to the extent necessary to provide your family with the necessaries of life; control an allowance, wage, or salary.

Who should be nominated as the conservator of an estate?