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Trust Tune-Up


An Estate Plan is like any quality Automobile or Watch. It needs to have a Tune-Up every few years. Not only does the law keep constantly changing, but families and property are changing as well.

The Tune-Up Includes:

First Session: A comprehensive review of your estate property and documents by a trust technician, who will input them into a computerized trust asset organizer. Bring to the first session all of your existing estate planning documents such as deeds to real property, insurance policies and statements from all stock, bank, retirement, or other accounts. He will estimate what it will cost for the tune-up.

Second Session: An attorney will give you an evaluation of your trust. If your trust needs simple tune up amendment it will be included, but if it needs more work, he or she will give you an estimate for the work that needs to be done.

What you will receive:

• A digitalized copy of the trust asset organizer and your tuned-up estate planning documents.

• The ability to update your asset organizer when you buy or sell new assets.

• Periodic update notifications will be given to inform you of changes in the law.

How to get started:
Call for an appointment at (310) 907 - 5715 and ask for a Trust Tune-Up™.

THE LAWS HAVE CHANGED -

Examples of Clients that Need to Tune-Up Their Estate Plan:

  • Case 1
  • Case 2
  • Case 3

Mrs. Jones had a Revocable Living Trust. Besides her house which was correctly funded into the trust she had a stock account of $300,000.00. She decided to change stock brokers so she changed the account, but forgot to keep the account in the name of the trust. She died and the trust was terminated, but since the stock account was not in the trust it cost her children an extra $6,000.00 to probate that asset.

Trust Tune Up Solution: Change the name of the account to “Mrs. Jones as Trustee of the Mrs. Jones Living Trust” or put on a death beneficiary on the account.

Mr. Smith has a trust naming his friend John and business partner the trustee. He however does not do an Advance HealthCare Directive, because he thinks he only needs that if he goes to the hospital and he is perfectly healthy. He has an automobile accident and is killed. The mortuary refuses to allow John to make decisions regarding Smith’s remains because he is not an agent on the Advance HealthCare Directive. Smith has no other known relatives. The mortuary insists that John has to go to court to get a court order to dispose of the remains. This costs the estate an additional $5.000.00 to get this order.

Trust Tune Up Solution: Do a proper Advance HealthCare Directive naming John as the surrogate giving him the power to deal with the mortuary.

Mom is eighty years old. She had stayed in her house until she fell and broke her hip. She had to go to the hospital and then to a rehabilitation center. Now she is ready to go home again. She is afraid that when she gets home someone will take advantage of her. She has two sons; her younger son is her main care taker, her older son lives in Texas.

Trust Tune-Up Solution: Review the trust to make sure there is adequate protection for her if she becomes incapacitated. Prepare a resignation for her and have her nominate her younger son as trustee, the older son can be the alternative trustee. Make sure the power of attorney for property is up to date. Besides protecting mom, this should eliminate the need in most cases for a Court Conservatorship if mom is no longer able to sign her name.